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Story (English)

Mark is a fighter who is taken in the backseat of a car to fight in underground combats. In his way, he meets Sandy, a young and beautiful prostitute. Both share the same desire: forget the pain and begin their lives from zero. Mark it's just about to... Plot
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Sinopsis (Indonesia)

Film BACKSEAT FIGHTER bercerita tentang nasib naas yang dialami oleh seorang petarung bernama Mark. Pasalnya tanpa sebab yang pasti, Mark dibawa paksa oleh sekelompok orang dengan mobil. Meski memiliki kemampuan bertarung yang mumpuni, namun nyatanya ... Sinopsis

Handlung (Deutsch)

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Sinopsis (Español)

Backseat Fighter - Backseat Fighter es la historia de Mark, un luchador que es transportado en el asiento trasero de un coche para luchar en combates clandestinos. De camino a uno de esas luchas se encuentra con Sandy, una joven y hermosa prostituta que comparte el ... Sinopsis

Synopsis (Français)

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Trama (Italiano)

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1h 24min
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2016 (Spain)
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