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Black Songbird

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Story (English)

Blinded by ambition to find the killers of her childhood friends and advance her career, rookie journalist Knight Daye is recruited by the FBI to go undercover as a party hostess at a club that fronts for organize crime. Knight enters there glamorous ... Plot
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Sinopsis (Indonesia)

Film BLACK SONGBIRD bercerita tentang seorang jurnalis muda bernama Knight Daye. Meski masih tergolong jurnalis baru, namun Knight Daye mendapatkan sebuah kesempatan emas. Yaitu bergabung dengan FBI dalam sebuah operasi penyamaran. Tentunya kesempatan... Sinopsis

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Jenique Bennett
Knight Daye
Antwan Mclaurin
Dixon Hayden
Felicia White
Faye Daniels
Zena Marie Hennen
Caroline James
Bruce W Greene
Luther Cooke
Keith Urquhart
Waldo / Arkbar


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Release Date
TBA 2016 (USA)
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Sep 11, 2016 (ID: 168177) By Film 01 - Category: Crime