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The lawyer, Iris Boelens, begins having problems with her mild-autistic son Aaron. As her son gets suspended for a week, Iris asks her mom Ageeth permission to spend that time in her house. A fish tank specialist, who drops by to take care of the aquarium, casually says that Aaron reminds him of her brother Ray. Iris is unique child, therefore the reluctance of her mother to talk about this fact unchains a set of contradictory events in the otherwise stressed lawyer. Iris has been hired by the rich lady owner of Benschop enterprises to investigate the accusations of child pornography filmmaker made against her dissolute son. Iris discovers in the office of her mother the real existence of her brother Ray. Through the Internet she came upon the fact that he was declared guilty of killing his companion Rosita and her baby Anna. Ray is an autistic man, who after a deficient official investigation and the bungled decision of a judge was condemned to 20 years in correctional mental health facility. The body of the baby was never found. Iris visits her brother at the forensic clinic and gets a reopening of the case. It is when she starts receiving death threats to abandon the investigation. Someone tried to kill her and Aaron by pushing their car over a river cliffs. Iris discovers that Ray's case is the product of Ageeth, their own mother's machinations. She has been all along the secret lover of the millionaire Twan Benshop. Through Rosita's mother Dina, Iris learns that Ageeth had met once Ray and Rosita with their baby. Ageeth disapproved of Ray relation with a prostitute and doubted the paternity of his daughter Anna. By accident boiling water had fallen on Anna and at her cries and his own desperation, Ray had called his mother. Ageeth came to her son's apartment and took control of the situation. She realized that the baby had to be taken care of immediately. Ageeth made it to the door with the burned Anna. As she was leaving, Rosita misunderstood her intentions and tried to stab Ageeth with a kitchen knife. In the ensuing struggle, Rosita is badly wounded.

Cast List

Simone Kome van
Ray Boelens
Derek de Lint
Twan Benschop
Angela Schijf
Iris Boelens


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114 minute
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11 April 2013 (Netherlands)
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