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Fast 8 (Furious 8) is an upcoming 2017 American action film directed by F. Gary Gray and written by Chris Morgan. It is the eighth installment in The Fast and the Furious franchise. The cast currently consists of Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Dwayne... Synopsis

Sinopsis (Indonesia)

Sinopsis film fast 8 (fast and furious 8) sampai saat ini masih belum diketahui. Film fast 8 merupakan lanjutan dari film furious 7 yang telah tayang pada april 2015. Sampai informasi ini diterbitkan, film fast 8 masih dalam tahap pengembangan. Page not found – film bor Toggle navigation Home Trailers Sinopsis Plot Forum Years 2015 […] Sinopsis

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Vin Diesel
Dominic Toretto
Dwayne Johnson
Luke Hobbs
Cody Walker
Jack O'Conner (rumored)
Jason Statham
Deckard Shaw
Eva Mendes
Lucas Black
Sean Boswell


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Release Date
14 April 2017 (USA)

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