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Lust, Caution

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Lust, Caution (色,戒; Sè, Jiè) story set in World War II, in the Japanese-occupied Shanghai a students drama troupe plan to kill a Japanese-supported official, Mr. Yee. For the job, the shy girl but the leading lady of the group, who has the power to convulse the audience, Wong Chia Chi, is chosen. But she is willing for the leader of the troupe Kuang Yu Min. She has to be disguised as Mrs. Mak and has to earn the trust of Mrs. Yee. Then what she had to do is to get into the heart of Mr. Yee.

Cast List

Tony Leung
Mr. Yee
Wei Tang
Wong Chia Chi / Mak Tai Tai
Joan Chen
Yee Tai Tai
Leehom Wang
Kuang Yu Min
Johnson Yuen
Auyang Ling Wen / Mr. Mak
Lawrence Ko
Liang Jun Sheng (as Ko Yu-Luen)
Ying-Hsuan Kao
Huang Lei
Chih-ying Chu
Lai Shu Jin


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2h 37min
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Release Date
25 October 2007 (Indonesia)


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Box Office

Budget (estimated):
$15.000.000 (estimated)
£744.417 (UK) (18 January 2008)
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