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Night Bus

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A group of civilians share a bus ride to Sampar, a town full of natural resources. It is heavily guarded by the state army who is fighting against the rebel militias, who want freedom over their homeland.

Each person in the bus has their own tasks: seeking better jobs, fulfilling family needs, settling personal matters, or simply wanting to come back home. They think this would be another usual trip to the conflict area, but they do not realize there’s a stowaway with a very important message to end the conflict.

His presence endangers the passengers, as he is wanted by both forces, dead or alive. The situation gets so tense the people inside the bus have to survive the night literally dodging bullets. They also have to face a darker, more sinister force, who don’t want the conflict to end. No one knows who will die, and who will live.

May 14, 2015 (ID: 10443) By Editor - Category: Action