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Story (English)

Self-proclaimed "bill collector extraordinaire," Ray Weaver, has spent his entire life intimidating people. Finding himself down on his luck and off his game yet again, he decides there must be a better way of driving home the money; so he devises a s... Plot
Right this second, in countless cities and small towns throughout the world, someone is being intimidated by a bill collector. "PAST DUE!" is the story of one such relentless collector who will stop at nothing in order to bring the money in to the ... Synopsis

Sinopsis (Indonesia)

Film PAST DUE bercerita tentang seorang penagih hutang bernama Ray Weaver. Selama ini Ray dikenal sebagai sosok yang selalu kasar setiap kali menagih hutang kepada siapa saja yang mencoba untuk mengelak maupun beralasan tidak memiliki uang. Selain itu... Sinopsis

Handlung (Deutsch)

- Eine junge Frau wird von den dunklen Schatten ihrer Vergangenheit eingeholt und muss sich mit aller Kraft gegen eine Bedrohung zur Wehr setzen, die sie und ihre Familie gefährdet... Handlung

Sinopsis (Español)

Sinopsis de Past Due es desconocida en este momento. Sinopsis

Synopsis (Français)

- Le projet est décrit comme une sorte de version féminine de A History of Violence de David Cronenberg. ... Synopsis

Trama (Italiano)

Trama sconosciuta. Trama

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Dawna Lee Heising
Michelle Willoughby
Angela Kerecz
Bobby Kerecz
Jeff Wainwright
Mark Musto
Officer Gus Chilton


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1 December 2016 (USA)
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Feb 7, 2016 (ID: 84454) By Film 01 - Category: Drama