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Seoul Raiders (Seoul Raiders; Han cheng gong lüe; 韓城攻略) story about an ambitious female thief JJ (Shu Qi) stalks the corridors of the high-tech headquarters of a powerful criminal gang, past the bodies of unconscious security guards, only to discover that well-dressed, freelancing secret agent Lam (Tony Leung) has got there ahead of her. They've both come for the same thing, a set of plates for forging US currency, destined to be sold on to a powerful gangster known as Polar Bear.

A battle with a hoard of security guards follows, in which the case containing the plates repeatedly changes hands, but although JJ finally escapes with it, Lam has pocketed the plates. Hoping to collect a sizeable reward, he arranges an exchange with US agent Owen Lee (Richie Ren), but Lee is not what he seems and drugs Lam, grabs the plates and heads off to Korea to sell them to Polar Bear. Lam, with his three devoted fighting female assistants, gives chase.

Cast List

Lam Chi-Chung
Owen Lee
Shu Qi
J.J. (as Shu Qi)
James Kim
Black Bear
Jung-Jin Lee
Jeon (as Jung Jin)
Meme Tian
Saki Seto
Yeo-jin Choi
Choi Sun Ah (as Choi Yei Jin)


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1h 35min
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Release Date
3 February 2005 (Hong Kong)
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