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Story (English)

The complex relationships between a wrongly convicted Chicano ex-gang member on death row and the people on the 'outside' who dedicate their lives to proving his innocence.... Plot
THE ART OF LIVNG unveils the unsung heroic figure of Marlene Kamish, Chicago Defense attorney and 'might of right' woman who wrestles and successfully pins down the state of Illinois on seemingly impossible death row cases. We discover Marlene in 1995... Synopsis

Sinopsis (Indonesia)

Film THE ART OF LIVING bercerita tentang kisah seorang pengacara asal Chicago bernama Marlene Kamish. Marlene tengah santer diberitakan di berbagai media. Hal tersebut karena Marlene selaku pengacara tengah mencoba menyelamatkan seorang pemuda berusia... Sinopsis

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TBA 2017 (USA)

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Jul 19, 2016 (ID: 158576) By Film 01 - Category: Drama