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White Colour Black

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Story (English)

Leke a young successful photographer lives a hedonistic lifestyle in London. His latest exhibition is about to move to Shanghai where critical reception awaits. In the midst of all this euphoria; he is called to re-engage with a life he once knew back... Plot
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Sinopsis (Indonesia)

Sinopsis Film WHITE COLOUR BLACK bercerita tentang seorang fotografer muda bernama Leke. Dengan kemampuan mengambil gambar yang bernilai seni tinggi, Leke berkembang dari seorang fotografer biasa menjadi fotografer profesional yang sukses. Dan berbaga... Sinopsis

Handlung (Deutsch)

- White Colour Black ist ein Film von Joseph A. Adesunloye mit Alassane Sy, Dudley O'Shaughnessy und Guetan Calvin Elito aus dem Jahr 2016.... Handlung

Sinopsis (Español)

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Synopsis (Français)

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Trama (Italiano)

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1h 27min
Release Date
15 October 2016 (UK)

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Jun 24, 2016 (ID: 155140) By Film 01 - Category: Drama