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American-born Asian graduate student, Eric Young, is lured back to college baseball field one final time, passing himself off as 10 years younger to try out for the Division 2 Volcanos. Once he makes the cut, Eric, often injured, develops a relationship with his neighbor, Jackie, an aspiring, All-American personal trainer. But when ex-boyfriend Smaller joins the baseball coaching staff, attempting to win Jackie back, Eric finds himself amidst jealousy and suspicion. As the season progresses, Eric mentors his fellow AmerAsian roommate, Frates, also a backup catcher. Although both sit the bench, they continually prepare for a big mid-season exhibition against a pro team, hoping to garner any attention from the scouts that will show. However, when competition heats up between the 2 roommates, Frates decides to take his future into his own hands. With confrontations mounting all around, Eric is forced to search deep within, where he realizes just how closely baseball has always mirrored his every choice. While the Volcanos spiral down toward the worst season in school history, opportunity arises when Barber, the starting catcher, suffers an injury, forcing the Head Coach to choose the backup. Surprisingly, it is Eric who is called upon to start against the professional Stars. But with Smaller hot on the trail of compromising Eric's identity, Jackie ultimately discovers that Eric's true enemy is really himself, leaving him to suffer the consequences of a serious psychological dilemma.

Cast List

Roger Lim
Eric Young
Lori McShane
Asst. Coach Smaller (as Nico Lombardo)
John Gearries
Jon Lucero
Head Coach Meyers


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105 minute
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1 August 2018 (USA)
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